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esignature feedback

I'm using esignature for the first time.

Thus far, both clients have not easily seen the esig email.  It goes to Junk and isn't readily apparent.  So I have to tell clients to look for them which costs me time.

My old method was to use Adobe with the request signature feature.  I might return to that system.

I like the dashboard.  It is simple and clearly shows the current status.


10 minutes after posting:  My client writes  "I am unsure where my wife should sign on the document. I did not see an area, usually highlighted and easily visible, for her to sign."    so now I am embarrassed and am even more tempted to return to my previous system.


10 minutes after my edit: My client says his spouse can't find it. And esignature is stalled and can't send another email.  So I have to call support.  aaarrggghhh

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The taxpayer need to signed the forms 1st and complete them then, the spouse will be able to process her part of the signature on her email. they both need to have a email to send it to and yes it can be the same.  

Level 5

I have a Joint return client.  First taxpayer (him)  has signed and it shows in eSig dashboard.  However, his spouse claims that she hasn't received an email asking her to sign.  I tried to send a reminder, but it appears it only goes to him.

How can I get an e-signature from just the spouse?

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Level 5

Answer (after calling Support):  the reminder will go to the spouse that hasn't signed.  But I was using an old email that she no longer has the ability to check.

I had to Void and Start over.

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