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EFile Reject on 8283 attachment but it is attached

Level 1

Return being rejected for Efile  - the reason

Field: X(/efile:Return/efile:ReturnData/efile:IRS8283/efile:InformationOnDonatedProperty[1]/efile:DonatedPropertyVehicleInd)
Occurrence: 00000(0001)

Resolution: A PDF attachment must be present for "Form1098C" or "DoneeOrganizationContemporaneousWrittenAcknowledgment" related to Form 8283. Go to the Electronic Filing screen to the e-file PDF/Miscellaneous section in order to include a PDF attachment with the filing.

I have a Form 1098C attachment on the return but still getting rejected? Any ideas how to fix and get accepted?

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Double check the field for link to form. We should have DoneeOrganizationContemporaneousWrittenAcknowledgment listed there I believe.

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Level 3

Hi Laura, did you figure out how to resolve this? We're running into the same issue and would love to avoid dealing with hold times calling Lacerte. Thanks!

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