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Do we now have to authenticate all clients? There seems to be no entry for "customer type, returning customer" in the 2020 Taxpayer Authentication area.

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The entry area "customer type" is missing, forcing, it seems, that all clients, even returning ones, will have to provide some ID. Is that correct?
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You've never had to authenticate any of your clients.

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The Taxpayer and Spouse Authentication area has, in previous years, had a entry entitled "customer type" which, in it's drop down choices, included the choice "returning customer." That entry is not on the 2020 version of Lacerte. When you pull up support entries, the first "hit" still shows and discusses that line of entry. I'm just trying to find out why it has been taken off. It does seem to force us to gather ID info or (other research has opined ) document that the client has refused to provide it.

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