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Critical diagnostic #54848: "CA county at time of filing" for taxpayer who moved out of CA after end of year?

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The situation: A client was a full-year California resident in 2020.  However, the client has moved out of California before the 2020 tax return will be filed.

In the Miscellaneous screen, for the California Miscellaneous section: The "Principal Residence Entries" ask for the client's "California county at time of filing".  That dropdown box only provides the names of counties in California; it does not allow a choice such as "nonresident" or "moved out of CA".  I also cannot type anything which is not one of the pre-set choices into that field.

If I leave this field blank, Lacerte gives me critical diagnostic #54848: "e-file: California requires a county be included for the principal residence."

Is there a solution so that I can e-file this California return?


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Leave "California county at time of filing" blank and enter "2" in the next field.