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Clients Missing from client tab - solution

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Our Lacerte Program is over a network where all the clients are stored. Each Computer has Lacerte installed and shares the client files which are stored on the Server/Network Computer. On one Computer the S-Corp Clients were missing but were visible and accessible on the other computers. When searching on the topic there were four possible solutions for the problem. None of these solutions worked. called Lacerte for Help and after an hour and a half hold time on the phone and a half hour with Lacerte IT they were able to help me fix the issue using a method not listed online. Since there seems to be no forum or ability to leave comments/replies anywhere I will post the solution here. the Problem was with 2 corrupted files on the server/network computer. with Lacerte closed out on all computers go to the server folder. Example: S:\LACERTE\xxtax\OPTIONSxx

xx represents the year of lacerte that has the issue, in my case 19

the two files were PROFXO.P9 and ProfLog.P9. rename them to PROFXO.P9old and ProfLog.P9old

reopen Lacerte on the effected computer. In my case 2 new files were created and the clients were visible once more.

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I tried this but it did not fix my problem where no partnership clients were showing.


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If you haven't tried it yet these are the steps I went through first


otherwise prepare for a long hold time waiting for customer support. Hopefully it doesn't come to that.

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