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The following diagnostic is generating:

Please verify that the PTIN has not changed from prior year. After the PTIN has been verified go to Settings and click on Options.  Within the Tax Return Options section, select "Yes" to the "PTIN Verification" option. (ref. #54810)


To clear this diagnostic, after confirming PTIN information, click Settings from the dropdown menu, click Options, then select the Tax Return section. In the first section Tax Return Options, select "Yes", then click OK to make the settings change. This setting will be in place for any state PTIN verification requirement.

image (3).png

NOTE: Please use this global setting which appears at the top of the screen.  The solution provided will apply to all states asking for reverification.   

This does not work

Seriously. What the **bleep**. These instructions are bull**bleep**. Why doesn't lacerte **bleep**ing try it out before putting it on the website?

*bleep* fix this *bleep* before we all switch to someone else. F this.

It's February 16 and this is still unresolved. I'm currently on hold with a support technician who has tried to walk me through it, but even she says everything on my end looks right. A different support tech last week told me I could check the diagnostic box and I would then be able to e-file the return, but this does not work. Please fix this immediately!

Hi there,

This issue has been resolved, and released.  Please make sure you are on the most up to date version of Lacerte. 

-Betty Jo