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In the 2019 Lacerte release, I see if you “go to the cloud”, the program can be accessed from an Ipad?

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In prior years, the access has not been available on an Ipad or an Iphone.  Is it now?  And do I need to have “cloud access” for all clients, or just one or two?

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It is suggested that ALL data entry be done ONLY online if you decide to go with cloud hosting to avoid synchronization issues.

According to this article, you can access Lacerte from any device, including Mac and IPad.  It's probably run on a virtual machine in the cloud, so your experience should be exactly like you accessing your office's PC remotely (except the network performance should, hopefully, be better).

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https://proconnect.intuit.com/lacerte/hosting/ has all that I know. I would assume EVERYTHING is on the cloud. This would then be like ProConnect Tax Online. I "should" be what we have now, but on the cloud hosted by Right Networks. In theory, every device should work - Android phone, iPhone, ....

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