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Employee Information Update- New W-4 Tab

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EasyAcct has added a new W-4 tab to the Employee Information. However, I can't select when someone is Head of Household. I found that if you check Multiple Jobs/Spouse Works you can check the Head of Household box. If you deselect Multiple Jobs/Spouse Works, it also deselects Head of Household. This makes no sense. You can't be married and claim head of household. You also do not have to have multiple jobs to claim head of household. Has anyone found out how to make this work? 

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I've only experienced this with former employees who were already entered as 'single' from the main employee screen.  If you have a new employee, I only enter as far down as the pay period type.  Don't hit enter.  Then go to the W4 tab and you are able to choose HOH box.  It would have been nice to have some type of instruction with the update, but just glad we finally got the update for the 2020 Form W4 and tax tables.  Now - any word on the update for Form 941 and the GL errors?   I thought there was supposed to be an update yesterday.  😞

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Thank you! Yes there were no instructions. You even search the Help function and they list no guidance on how to use the W-4 Tab. 

Yes I posted about that last week right after I updated. Several people have called, and Intuit said the update would be ready yesterday. There is no update yet. With the deadline for 941s coming up, you think they would be in more of a hurry to get it fixed. I don't think the IRS is going to take a "software issue" as an excuse for late 941s. 

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New Update: Fixes Form 941 but not the GL. 😑

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