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E-filing 1099s and W-2s through Information Return System

Level 3

We had hoped to e-file 1099s and W-2s this year through Information Return System however I have a number of questions and I'm almost ready to do them on paper for another year.  We did obtain the Transmitter PIN from the SSA and the Transmitter Control Code from the IRS.  However, we are struggling to determine the exact steps within the Information Return Systems and if we are really transmitting the forms.  No confirmation seems available.  The instructions says  "We strongly encourage you to run each file through AccuWage before submitting to the SSA".  We can get to AccuWage but can't locate the IRS file to run through AccuWage.  Can anyone provide any help on how e-filing the 1099s and W-2s works through the Information Return System?

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Level 3

We found the Information Return System's Data file to run through AccuWage and were able to submit it  to the SSA.  I assume for the 1099s it will be the same except we will upload to FIRE. 

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Level 8

After you create the "Electronic File Creation" you need to select "Electronic Filing" Sub Menu "Transmit Forms/Returns". From here you should see the Company and Returns you just created.

Select the (Type) of Forms first then the (Company and Returns)  to create a Transmission File.

Then select the Review Processed Files which are then named with either a W2EF000x.Text for W2's

or IREF000x.DAT for 1099's.

They should be created and located in either Directory on your computer: 

Mine are located on C:\IRS2021\W2EF\W2EF000X.TXT (For W2's) Also may be State files for W2's which it may create in a directory C:\IRs2020\W2EF\WI (for WISCONSIN)

1099'S are created/saved located on C:\IRS2021\1099EF\IREF000x.dat

Once you are either in the Fire site or SSA-BSO site you upload these files for checking and processing.

Have fun