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How to Un-invite a Client in Intuit Link

SOLVEDby Intuit10Updated August 09, 2022

Before you start:

  • If the reason for uninviting a client is because the client would like to to use a new email address to sign in to Link and can still login to Link with their old email address, use this article instead:Resolving sign-in issues with Intuit Link
  • If you un-invite a client who has already accepted a Link invitation, the client will not be able to view information they had previously uploaded to Link.
  • The preparer will continue to see the client's prior and current year data.

Un-invite a client who has previously accepted the invitation

  1. Login to the Intuit Link Accountant site.
  2. Find the client on your Link client list.
    • For clients who have accepted the invitation, the Progress column will show how many tasks the client has completed or it will show 'Invite Accepted'.
  3. Click the arrow on the Actions column.
  4. Click Un-invite.
  5. Next you are presented with the following screen stating the the client will NOT be able to view information uploaded with the old email address if you continue.
  6. Click Yes, continue to un-invite the client.

If you need to re-invite the client to a new email address:

NOTE: if the clients Link status has not switched to "Invite" after un-inviting them, refresh your Link status.  Go to Tools, Intuit Link, and click Update Link Statuses.

  1. In Lacerte, update the client's email to the preferred email address.
  2. Click Invite under the Intuit Link column or go to Tools > Intuit Link > Invite Client to Link.
  3. Next you can select to send the engagement letter, questionnaire, and/or checklist.  Select the items you want to send.
    • If you have already sent the engagement letter, questionnaire, or checklist, check Do Not Include under each item so the task do not duplicate in Link.  If you are unsure if this tasks are already in Link, log in to the Link accountant website.  Then click on the clients name to see if these items already exist.
  4. When ready to send the client, click Invite.

This will send a invitation to the new email address.  The client will need to create an account and the new email address the invite was sent to will now be the client's username.

Un-invite a client whose Intuit Link status is "Invite Pending"

  1. Login to the Intuit Link Accountant site.
  2. Click the Invite Pending filter at the top of the page.
  3. Click the down arrow in the Actions column.
  4. Select Un-invite.
  5. This will delete the Link invitation from the Intuit Link servers.
  6. The client will now move from 'Invite Pending' filter to the 'All Clients' filter

Q: Will my client still have access to their data in Intuit Link if the are un-invited?
A: The client will lose access to the data in Link.

Q: I re-invited my client to a new email address, what will the client see now when they login to Link?
A: The client will have to log in to Link with the new email address now.  After accepting the invitation, the client will see questions they previously completed under the previous email address.  They will not be able to see documents that were uploaded using the previous email address.  They will see questions that were sent to the new email address.

Q: I un-invited and then re-invited a client and now their task show Below request was sent to your previous email address.  What does this mean?
A: The tasks with this label were sent and completed by the client using their previous email address.

Q: I un-invited a client and now the questions have  this red text on the Link for Accountant's website This request was sent to the uninvited email and documents attached(if any) will not be visible in the "Documents" tab. What does this mean?
A: The tasks were sent and completed by the client using their previous email address. If the client attached documents to these tasks, the attached documents will no longer be visible on the Documents tab.  However, they will be visible from the Requests tab.

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