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Intuit Link General Questions


Intuit Link General Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Intuit Link

Question 1. A new client was invited in the tax year yet also appeared in the prior year client list.  Why?

Answer. The client list is common to all tax years.  If a client is invited in Tax Year 2017, the client will also appear in Tax Year 2018's client list and vice versa.

Question 2. When sending an invite to a client, Intuit Link will display a warning message saying, The email is already in use with another client, sending this invitation will create a separate list of requests for your client. They will be able to access both lists and complete the list you've assigned.

Answer. Intuit Link has detected another client with the same email as the client you are trying to invite.  You may have sent an invite to the email from the software or invited the other client with the same email from Intuit Link.  Invitations can only be sent once per client.  You can search by email address in Intuit Link to confirm if there are duplicates.

Question 3.  Will Intuit Link permit using the same email address for a parent and child? How will it work?

Answer.  The invitation will be sent to the email address specified.  You can click "Continue" and Intuit Link will display the standard warning message saying, 'the email is already in use with another client...' and send the invitation.  When the taxpayer signs in, they will be given a drop-down to select the correct account and share documents on their behalf.

Question 4. Will Intuit Link allow sending or sharing current tax year documents in the prior tax year portal?

Answer. Yes.  To be certain you are sending or sharing documents pertinent to the tax year, ensure you select the appropriate tax year from the drop-down in Intuit Link before sharing the documents and sending requests.

Question 5. If a client exists in the prior year list, will it automatically 'transfer' to next tax year?  Is there still a need to 'invite' from within next year's software?

Answer. Yes, clients automatically transfer.  There is no need to invite the client again from within the tax software.

Question 6. How do I avoid creating duplicate clients in Intuit Link?

Answer. Unless they already existing in Intuit Link, best practice would be to invite the taxpayers from the program.  Duplicates will be created when clients are invited from both your tax software and Intuit Link.

Question 7. How do I delete requests and documents sent to a client?

Answer. Open the client.  In the client, view click on Edit located under Actions and select the Delete.

Question 8. Is there a way to delete a client completely?

Answer. We do not have an option to delete a client completely, however, you can Uninvite and deactivate the client which will in effect 'hide' the client from the client list.

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