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Intuit Link Taxpayer - Upload Documents to Send to the Preparer

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Intuit Link Taxpayer - Upload Documents to Send to the Preparer

As a taxpayer, how can I send documents to my prepareraccountant using Intuit Link?

NOTE:  Maximum size of a file that can be uploaded to Link is 30 MB.

Solution Description

The taxpayer can upload documents from their computer or download documents from Financial Institutions and Payroll Providers.

Add a document to a question that was created by the Tax Preparer

  1. Select the To Do tab.
  2. Select Continue To Do's
User-added image
  1. Select View questions in list to see all questions on the same page.
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  1. Click the paper clip or click Add a Document.
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  1. Select Upload It to upload a document from your computer.
  2. Browse to folder where the document is saved, select the document, and click Open.
To upload multiple documents in response to one question from the accountant, hold down the crtl key on your keyboard and click the files that need to be uploaded.  Then click Open. Alternatively, you can upload one file at a time to a single question by clicking the paper clip, selecting one document to upload, and then repeating this process multiple times.
  1. The site will then scan the file for viruses. When the scan is complete the question will have a green check mark showing the question is complete and the document will be attached.


GET IT FOR ME - Download documents from Financial Institutions or Payroll Provider

NOTE: The Get it for me option is available only if the question description contains the following words: W2, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-R, 1099-Misc, 1099-B,  or 1098.

Download documents from a Financial Institution (1098, 1099, etc...)

  1. Click the To Do tab.
  2. Locate the request that you need to upload a document for and press Add A Document.
  3. Select Get it for me.

  1. Type  the name of the bank or investment account in the search field.

  1. Enter your login credentials for your financial institution.  This will be the same user ID and password you use to login to your bank or investment account.

  1. Intuit Link will detect the document you are wanting to download and any related documents.

  1. Select how you want to connect to your financial institution the next time you connect.
  • Select Connect automatically with this login information if you would like the web browser to save you login id and password.
  • Select Do not connect automatically, I have multiple logins or Never connect automatically if you do not want the web browser to save your login information.
  1. To download the document(s) to Link, click Done.  Click the trash can icon next to the documents you do not want to download.
  2. The documents will now be visible in Link.

Please Note: Intuit cannot access documents without taxpayer permission.

Download W-2's from a Payroll Provider

  • ADP
  • Intuit Payroll Services
  1. Click on the To Do tab.
  2. Locate the W-2 Request item and press Add A Document.
  3. Click Get it for me.
  4. Enter the employers EIN and then click Continue.

  1. Enter the SSN, Box D control number, and Box 1 amount.  Then click Get my W-2.

  1. Click Done.

Please Note: Intuit cannot access documents without taxpayer permission.

Troubleshooting uploading documents

If you encounter problems uploading documents such as continuous spinning wheel or an error occurs while uploading documents, clear the browsers cache and try the operation again.

For steps on clearing the browsers cache, view the article below.

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome (latest): Recommended
  • Mozilla Firefox (latest): Recommended
  • Safari (latest)
  • Internet Explorer 11+

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