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How to download next year's Lacerte product


How to download next year's Lacerte product

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Click Download 2019.
    • A dialog box will appear asking you to open or save Websetup19.exe. Press Save so you can access it later if needed.
  3. Click Run to begin the installation.
  4. Hit Next on the welcome window.
  5. Select the type of installation you want, Recommended or Custom.
    • Recommended: Uses the prior year version of Lacerte to determine which modules and states to install. Installs the program to the same drive location as the prior year.  If the prior year program is not installed, the installer will use the default file paths.
    • Custom: Gives you the option to select any modules or states that are available. Use this to add new modules or states that you didn't install last year. Also provides the capability to manually designate where to install the program.
  6. If you chose Recommended, skip to step 9. If you selected the Custom option, select the type of install:
    • Local Install -  Stores Lacerte data and options on your local computer. The default location for a program installation will be C:Lacerte18tax. The program, client database, and options will reside under the same folder location.
    • Network Install - The program will be installed in the Selected Installation Folder you choose. Program data, options, and updates will be saved to the Shared File Path. Make sure the shared file path you choose is a shared location so other network stations can easily access master options and program updates.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Select the applicable States and Modules to install from the Select States window and then click Next.
    • Lacerte will automatically check the state and modules you are licensed for.
    • Select only the modules and states that you expect to use. This will save you time when downloading updates and you can always add later if needed.
  9. On the Ready to install window, review your selections to make sure they're correct.
    • The workstation path should always be a local drive and is typically C:/Lacerte/19tax
    • The shared file path, if sharing options and updates with other computers, needs to be on a shared network drive that the other workstations have access to.
  10. Click Back to change any settings or press Install to begin the installation.

When complete, you should have a 2019 Lacerte Tax icon on the desktop. If prompted to restart the computer, close and save all work and restart the computer.  Otherwise, start the program by double-clicking the desktop icon.

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