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We used ProSeries for tax year 2019 and will now use Lacerte for the 2020 tax year.  We would like to send tax organizers to clients now, however our client data is not in the 2019 Lacerte software.

The problem is that we would need the ProSeries 2020 software (which we have not purchased)  to get organizers generated.  Lacerte uses the prior year software for current year organizers, but our client data is not in the 2019 software.

Are there any suggestions that will help us get this done?

Many thanks.

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Convert your 2019 ProSeries files to Lacerte

Then do the organizers from 2019 Lacerte. 

Review the returns for accuracy, especially depreciation and carryovers, then proforma from 2019 to 2020. There is a checkbox in screen 3 at the end of the first section. REMOVE the check mark after your review and before you do the proforma. 

Lacerte provides a little more support for new users. 

FYI - You posted in the wrong spot, this is for forum improvement. Start here and select the product you need help with. 

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I would suggest converting from Pro Series also.  BUT I will caution you that Pro Series and Lacerte do not play well together.  The suggestion to review the returns is putting it lightly.  You will need to check the returns thoroughly because there will be changes that have to be made.  Went through this three years ago.  .