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ProSeries backup instructions for data conversion


ProSeries backup instructions for data conversion

Before you start:

  • Calculate all client files in your original program.
  • Remove any locks.
  • Remove any passwords

  • Individual (1040)
  • Partnership (1065)
  • Corporation (1120)
  • S-Corporation (1120S)

  1. Create a new folder on your C: drive named ConversionData before you begin the backup process (e.g., C:ConversionData).
  2. Open ProSeries and set the HomeBase View to the module you want to back up, or to All Tax Returns if you wish to submit all tax types.
  3. Press and hold [Ctrl] while clicking the clients you want to select for backup OR  from the HomeBase menu, click Select All to select all clients.
  4. From the File menu, click Client File Maintenance, then click Copy / Backup.
  5. In the Copy / Backup Client Files dialog box, click the Set Target Directory button.
  6. Set the target directory to C:ConversionData.
  7. Click the Backup Client(s) button.


Open C:ConversionData to view the files that have been backed up. A valid ProSeries backup contains files with extensions of .18i, .18p, .18c, or .18s. You will have one file for every client you are submitting. (Your computer settings may hide the extensions, however the icons should appear to be ProSeries files.)

The main purpose of this conversion is to get your data ready for the following tax year. Therefore, viewing a Form 1040 will not display the same results that had been filed. The conversion is very limited and includes only the basic information in the following PDF document.

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