Level 15
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1. Don't print them as soon as the organizer is released. There is often a glitch or two or three or ... with the first release. There might also be some last minute tax legislation to include. I wait until mid January.

2. My old time approach is two sided printing. Cover letter/Engagement Letter, 2 page condensed questionnaire, then the organizer sheets. Most will tri fold and fit into a standard window envelope, saving on postage. 

3. I have dms, but any print to pdf works. Print  at least one to pdf and carefully review how it formats. Recheck spelling and grammar. Wait until the next release (update) and repeat. 

I am semi retired and only take on new clients if they promise to die before I do. This really means they like paper. I have ONE young 75 year old that LOVES the eOrganizer, so I try to keep him happy.