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How to accept the Link invitation sent by the accountant.

My accountant has sent me an invite to Intuit I need a login for that application?


Anyone invited into Intuit Link will be required to have a User ID and password.

NOTE: The taxpayer's user ID will be the email address that the Link invitation was sent to.

To accept a Link invitation from your accountant:

  1. In the email received from the accountant, click the Accept button.
  1. Click Continue on the Sign Up page.

NOTE: If the taxpayer needs to use a different email address, do not press the continue button but contact your accountant and ask them to re-send the invitation to a different email address.

  1. The website will then check to see if the taxpayer has an Intuit account with the email address that the accountant sent the Link invitation to.
  • If an online account with the email address that the Link invitation was sent to already exists, the taxpayer will be prompted to enter their password.  If the taxpayer cannot remember their password, click the I forgot my user ID or password link under the sign in button to reset the password.

 For information on how to reset your password, see article:  Reset the Password for Intuit ProConnect Link for Taxpayers

  • If the taxpayer does not have an Intuit online account, they will need to create an account. The email address that the accountant sent the invite to will be the taxpayer's user ID.  The taxpayer will be asked to enter their phone number and create a password.  Then click Create Account.

Note: A 10-digit phone number is required to create an Intuit account.

  1. Next, the Welcome screen will appear.  To begin sharing tax data with the accountant, click Let's Get Started.

Once you are logged in, you will see the questions and document requests that your accountant has sent to you.

To get back to the taxpayer Link login page, go to  We recommend bookmarking the website so you can easily access it in the future.

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