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Common questions about eSignature

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Common questions about eSignature

What is Intuit eSignature?

Intuit has partnered with DocuSign, the most widely used electronic signature solution, to bring you Intuit eSignature. Intuit eSignature providing you the time-saving ability to electronically ask for a signature from your clients. Your clients can view, electronically sign and return those documents to you from any location without the need to visit your office.

Is eSignature available for all return types?

Intuit eSignature is available for most return types. Lacerte now supports eSignature for individual, corporate, partnership, S-corporate, fiduciary and exempt organization returns. ProSeries and ProConnect Tax support eSignature for all individual and business returns.

How does eSignature work?

Intuit eSignature is integrated into your tax software. When the return is complete, select the eSignature option within Lacerte, ProSeries, or ProConnect Tax to send a link to the encrypted documents requiring a signature. Your clients can access DocuSign from any supported mobile or desktop device. After the client has successfully signed the documents, the documents are digitally stored, filed, and accessible for future use by all signing parties.

Does eSignature cost extra?

Yes, Intuit eSignature will cost per-folder. A folder is a request for a client that contains all the signature forms in the return, plus any additional documents you choose to send in a single request. You can pay $2.99 per folder, or save by purchasing a bundle to use. See eSignature pricing for details.

Do I have to use eSignature?

No, Intuit eSignature is optional and available as an add-on.

If the client signs in person, does that use an eSignature credit?

Yes, an eSignature credit is used when they utilize the eSignature functionality to sign in person or out of the office on their mobile device or computer.

Can eSignature be used for state documents?

Some states will support electronic signatures for e-file Signature Authorization Forms (8879 equivalent). See States that will and will not support eSignature.

Can I void an eSignature request that my customer has signed and returned?

You may have noticed after sending a request that an item is missing or included by mistake. eSignature requests can be voided as long as they haven't been signed and returned. Once they have been signed and returned a request cannot be voided but a new signature request can be sent.

When will eSignature be available in my program?

Intuit eSignature is not typically available for the early releases of Lacerte, ProConnect Tax, or ProSeries; generally, it becomes available around the time e-file opens in January.

How secure is Intuit eSignature?

eSignature maintains a detailed audit trail of the form, including when it was sent, when it was opened, and when it's been signed. Intuit eSignature is encrypted with the highest standard of global information security and operations (AES-256 standard and 256-bit SSL document transmission). The client is verified with Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) for 8879 and 8878 signatures. For other signatures, you'll have the option to use KBA or an alternative authentication method.

How will eSignature work for a Married Filing Joint (MFJ) individual return?

You will be required to enter an email address for both taxpayer and spouse. An e-mail will be sent to both parties to sign Form 8879 with DocuSign. Once all parties have signed Form 8879, the eSignature status in the program will change to Completed. You will only be charged for one eSignature request.

When will eSignature credits expire?

Any units bought will need to be used by December 31, 2021. Any unused units will be lost. Your eSignature credits are not refundable or transferable and may not be carried to another calendar year.  Do not buy more than you need to use for this calendar year.

What year tax programs can I use eSignatures with?

Purchased eSignatures units that are bought from the current year software can be used in any year that still supports e-filing returns. Currently, this would be tax year 2020, 2019 and 2018.

Does the IRS allow eSignatures?

In March 2014, the IRS issued signature guidance for Form 8879 (see Publication 1345 (page 8)). In response, we partnered with DocuSign, the most widely used electronic signature solution, to bring you Intuit eSignature. Our eSignature solution is IRS-approved and will integrate seamlessly into your tax product to provide you an easier, time-saving way to quickly get Form 8879 and Form 8878 signatures back from your clients.

For more information from the IRS, see new eSignature guidance for IRS e-file.

While eSignature itself will allow requests to be sent to taxpayers with foreign addresses, Docusign uses a Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) service similar to what you'd see when checking your credit report online. Foreign addresses may cause complications for the taxpayer in authenticating their information.

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