Level 2

The requirement to change passwords on a fairly frequent basis:

This is my basic methodology:

For example, for Quicken 2015:
Quicken requires one to set up an Intuit I.D. to use Quicken 2015 and Intuit also requires the same for
other Intuit products such as TurboTax, Quickbooks, ProSeries, etc.
Since I suffer from a short retention span, I’ve devised the following method which has served me well
over the years for all login, password sites. One starts with a login comprised simply of one’s full name in lower-case without periods. Example: For Mary Wana it would be marywana. For Jane Doe it would be janedoe, etc.

The password consists of a “universal” root, such as “123marywana” and an identifier for the particular
application (for Quicken 2015) “Quicken!”. So your password will read, “123marywanaQuicken!” This
will meet most password requirements of numbers, upper-case alpha, special characters, and minimum of 8 characters. Then for another site, my login would be “marywana” and password would be “123marywanaProseries!”

For frequently changed passwords, I simply add the password change date so that I can easily update for the next date change. Building on my previous example: “123marywanaProseries!” to update it I name it with the date of the current change, “123marywanaProseries! Oct 2020”, then three months later I would update it to “123marywanaProseries! Jan2021" and so forth.