This is a new one.  The related links in this article show that it cannot be read because I do not have sufficient privilege...  I wonder who does /s

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I wonder if a CHAMP has super powers? @Just-Lisa-Now- could try the links and let us know.

I am sure @IntuitBettyJo has the magic touch.

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Amending a State Return

How do I amend a state return?

Before you begin:  It is highly recommended you create a client copy so that you have the originally filed return as one client, and the amended as the other.
Follow these steps to make a copy of your client:
  1. Highlight the client from the Client tab
  2. Click on Client and then click Copy


  1. A window will prompt you to enter a client number.   It is recommended you enter the same client number with an X to indicate which client includes the amended information. For example, (original client number 0001, enter the new client number as 0001X).


Amend a State Return in the Individual Module (Click to View Details):
Amend a State return in the Partnership Module (Click to View Details):
Amend a State Return in the S-Corporate Module (Click to View Details):
Amend a State Return in the Corporation Module (Click to View Details):
Amend a State Return in the Exempt Org. Module (Click to View Details):
Amending a State Return in the Fiduciary Module for an Estate or Trust (Click to View Details):
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yes, they do work for me... I don't know why they would be blocked for anyone, weird.  The tag for me didnt give me any notification though, I just stumbled upon this post.

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Thanks, Lisa!  Good to know.

Perhaps that's Intuit's way of telling us we should sign up to be one /s

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What kind of trouble did you guys get into now if you can't open that? 😀

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That generally means the posts have been archived, and nobody dealt with the links that lead to those articles.

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Oh wait, the links at the very bottom (Related Topics) give me Access Denied.

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@TaxGuyBillBut this is different.  The usual message you get for links that were not updated is this:

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I think that one you just posted indicates the post no longer exists at that address.

The ones in your original example are archived, meaning they still exist, but were 'pulled' from the public view so now only Moderators etc. can access them.

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I see what you mean.  Apparently, the URL was created or has been redirected (unlike the other dead link where there is a 404 redirect to only a generic landing page).

But it makes no sense for Intuit to create an up to date article or have a 301 redirection but not give user access to it (or update the access control).  The Contents team has just dropped another ball.

[Edit: Misstated 301 as 404 redirect]

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@itonewbie "But it makes no sense for Intuit to" seems perfectly consistent for me. e.g. They created the ProConnect "handle" just to make navigating difficult, now they are going to stick a new "handle" related to Intuit on them, but how long will that take. 

Almost all of the links in the FAQ for 2018 and prior are broken. Back when I had forum privileges they said they were going to remove all internal links, so "But it makes no sense for Intuit to" seems perfectly consistent for me.


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@George4TacksYes, that makes perfect sense.  I should have looked at it that way.  It's a matter of perspective, lol.

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Hi there, 


Thanks for letting us know about the broken links.  The related topics about efile availability have been removed.



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