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Re: Is it possible to export W2 employer name?

Thanks for taking the time to respond and provide such great information. I appreciate your honesty and transparency 🙂

The issue with the partial organizer is that it spreads the information across too many pages. It's easy for a client to get confused or miss something.


What kind of page are you looking for?

It would be better for our clients to recevie a single page PDF containing a bullet point list of what they need to gather.

Items included (if applicable to the client) would be:

Page 1

  • TP Last Name
  • TP First Name
  • SP Last Name
  • SP First Name

Page 10

  • Employer(s) Name(s)

Page 11

  • Name(s) of Payer(s)

Page 12

  • Name(s) of Payer(s)

Page 13.1

  • Name(s) of Payer(s)

Page 13.2

  • Name(s) of Payer(s)

Page 14.1

  • TP Social Security Income (Yes/No)
  • SP Social Security Income (Yes/No)
  • TP Alimony Income (Yes/No)
  • SP Alimony Income (Yes/No)
  • TP Misc Income Subject to SE Tax (Description(s)
  • SP Misc Income Subject to SE Tax (Description(s)
  • TP Misc Other Income (Description(s)
  • SP Misc Other Income (Description(s), 

Page 14.2

  • TP Unemployment Income (Yes/No)
  • SP Unemployment Income (Yes/No)

Page 16

  • Business Name(s)

Page 17

  • Disposition Activity (Yes/No)

Page 18

  • Street Address(es)

Page 20

  • Name of Ptshp(s), Corp(s), Trust(s), Estate(s)

Page 24

  • TP IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • SP IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • TP Roth IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • SP Roth IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • TP SEP IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • SP SEP IRA Contribution (Yes/No)
  • TP Student Loan Interest (Yes/No)
  • SP Student Loan Interest (Yes/No)
  • TP SE Health Insurance (Yes/No)
  • SP SE Health Insurance (Yes/No)
  • TP Alimony Paid (Yes/No)
  • SP Alimony Paid (Yes/No)
  • TP SEP IRA Contribution (Yes/No)

Page 25

  • Real Estate Taxes (Yes/No)
  • Personal Property Taxes (Yes/No)
  • Mortgage Interest (Description(s)
  • Cash Donations (Yes/No)
  • Non-Cash Donations (Yes/No)

Page 33

  • Dependent Care Expenses (Yes/No)

Page 38.1

  • Tuition (Yes/No)

Page 39

  • 1095-A (Yes/No)


Real World Example:

Client Name: Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

Documents/Info Needed

  1. W2 | Disneyland Park
  2. W2 | Disneyworld Park
  3. W2 | Disney Productions
  4. 1099-INT | Bank of America
  5. 1099-INT | IRS
  6. 1099-INT | US Bank
  7. 1099-DIV | TD Ameritrade
  8. 1099-DIV | Scottrade
  9. 1099-R | TD Ameritrade
  10. 1099-R | Animated Characters Pension Plans
  11. W2-G | Pechanga Resort
  12. W2-G | Wynn Las Vegas
  13. Social Security Income Statement
  14. Alimony Received
  15. 1099-MISC | DisneyLand
  16. 1099-MISC | Pluto's Palace of Food
  17. Unemployment Income Received
  18. Mickey's Gardening Service | Business Income and Expenses
  19. Minnie's Day Care Service | Business Income and Expenses
  20. Stock Sales
  21. 123 Main Street | Rental Income and Expenses
  22. 222 Lake Ave | Rental Income and Expenses
  23. K-1 | Disneyland Resorts
  24. K-1 | Disney TV
  25. IRA Contribution Amount
  26. Roth IRA Contribution Amount
  27. SEP IRA Contribution Amount
  28. Student Loan Interest Paid
  29. Health Insurance Paid
  30. Alimony Paid
  31. Real Estate Taxes Paid
  32. Personal Property Taxes (DMV) Paid
  33. Mortgage Interest Statement | Mr. Cooper
  34. Mortgage Interest Statement | Chase
  35. Cash Donations Made
  36. Non-Cash Donations Made
  37. Child Care Expenses
  38. 1098-T | College Tuition Statement
  39. 1095-A | Covered California Statement


What's it going to do for you?

As the preparers, this list is going to help us ensure we received all the applicable data from the client.

As the client, this list is going to make it easy for them to see all the information they need to send us.


I imagine this being a two part project.

One, export this data to an excel file.

Two, create PDF documents based on the excel columns.


Does that make sense? Any idea of the effort (hours) required to accomplish this?


Thanks again!


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