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Everyone has seen a lot of change this year, and one of the most common changes is the way our work life has shifted in response to the global pandemic.   Many companies embraced the work from home model as a way of protecting their workers, and similarly, a lot of small businesses had to shift their models to allow them to continue their businesses in a socially responsible and safe manner.    But whether working from home is new to you or you are a seasoned pro, it can present unique challenges depending on a multitude of factors. community-chatter-series.png

Sharing some tips below, as well as in our QuickBooks Community  and TurboTax Community   Join the conversation! What tips do you have from working at home? 


me (2).jpgBetty Jo Parra , Community Manager

Mom of 3 girls here, the oldest one being six years old. Finding my new normal has been rough, however, creating daily habits and routines that my little ones are used to has saved me.  

I was so over the avoidable  surprises and what seemed to sound like pre-recorded phrases “I want a snack”, “Mom, what is there to eat?” and “Can you serve me some cereal?”. That I decided to minimize the chaos and find some solutions; the main one being my refrigerator.



Highly inspired by some ideas I’ve seen on Instagram and TikTok, I made it a priority to organize the most visited space in the house.  


I needed it to be easy to see how our “inventory” was holding up and not forgotten until later smelled.  That being said, I found that containers were a good solution and have no complaints thus far.


And since mom life is hard and the snacks are NEVER ENDING, we now use our flex section as a full-time snack space.  All of their favorites and yes, baby milk jugs (about 32oz small) perfect for toddler self serve.  

fridge2 (2).png

So far they seem to love it, however I do tend to find the uneaten cheese stick from time to time.  I’ll take that over the endless snack requests in a heartbeat though 😉   







austin.jpgAustin Grimes , Community Manager

Dad here to an almost 4 year old and 1 year old. Working from home with kids has been a challenge, but I do have the benefit of my wife being home to help take care of the kids during the day. Our biggest issue is that we’re in a 2 bedroom apartment so there is not much room to sprawl out! I spend most of the day working in my bedroom but try to go on a short walk or play with my kids at least twice a day to unwind. Noise cancelling headphones also work super great to drown out my kids yelling!

When I’m feeling stressed and need to unwind, I pick up my guitar and play for a few minutes. It helps me unwind and entertains both me and the kids for a few minutes, and also my wife because she gets a break. 🙂