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"Do I just put 213, or do I put PO Box in front when using "Get my Payment""

We don't know. That is an IRS site. No none here is the IRS programmer for that site.

And you provided the link to this topic, where the person starting the topic was a TurboTax user and was told we don't know about TurboTax programming, either.

Sheesh; you could have tried it Both Ways, already. Instead of arguing in a forum for using ProSeries, Lacerte and ProConnect, that you are not the one who is lost on the internet.

"So please stop with the software stuff"

But this is what you just did: stepped into an office environment on the internet to demand we pay attention to your question. Did you need to keep harassing people who are at work and doing their jobs and using the forum to understand the issues related to the programs for which they paid tens of thousands of $?

Because we can flag that your input here is inappropriate. Or, you can simply go to the IRS site and put in something, and see if it works or not.


Can you please Lock This Topic? It's not about using Lacerte or ProSeries or ProConnect. It's about using the IRS website or using TurboTax. Thanks.


"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.
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