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Hi, question for you all.  Even though I have my own thoughts,  I have a client that was talked into signing up for a program with (new company copyright 2021) So they say, hey want to earn $750 per month in commission for being part of our team.  We will set up a SMLLC and you only pay taxes on $5K.  Now the taxpayer receives a 1099-K for $6 million plus.  The company gives him a P & L with 6 entries (how kind of them) Sales, Cash reserves, refunds, charge backs, bank fees, and marketing fees ( $5.6 m.)  when I question, the program manager tells me this is all legal, they do it all the time, he has been a CPA for 20 years in this industry..blah,blah..blah.  When I ask about details and paperwork, who owns the merchant account, who owns the bank account these deposits are being deposited into...where is the sales records, receipts, cancelled checks, bank statements, merchant account annual transaction paperwork..the works. Not available to the client. So I then ask, you set him up in a SMLLC and he is not entitled to operating and management records, since he is taking on the tax burden?.  What do you do if he is audited?  Crickets...then statement of they have it covered..yea, okay..sure they do.  Because we all know  with only $5k profit on $6. plus million, revenue, an audit is coming.  Sounds illegal as hell, but can not prove it. Not sure which way to go with this.  Any suggestions. 

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