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How is the election to group rental properties for the purpose to qualify for the 250 hour safe harbor made on the Form 1040?

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You'd check the box for "Claiming safe harbor on rental real estate per IRS Notice 2019-07" under each of those rental properties, modify the safe harbor statement to list all the properties on one with a notation about grouping them (discarding the statements PTO will print for each), have your client wet sign it, and attach the signed copy to the return as a PDF.
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I'm trying to attach the signed pdf to the return, but it's not giving me the option to attach it to the correct form. My client has 11 rental properties and a K-1 from unrelated S Corporation. The only Schedule E form it lists on the attachment screen is #12, which is the S-Corp. One through eleven do not come up and I get critical diagnostics for not having the pdf election attached. Is there a check box I'm missing that will bring the other Schedule E activities up?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!

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