Level 15

Here is another way of looking at it.  The discussion so far has focused on W-2 filers. What about the self-employed taxpayer who had a $20,000 profit in 2019 but shows a loss of $5,000 for 2020.  (Probably owns a cafe.)  

Do you really think Congress meant to tell him, "we're going to punish you for being part of small business, the backbone of America blah blah blah, but we're going to reward that employee of yours that you paid $10,000 on a W-2" ?

Of course then you get into the issue of Optional Method for SE Tax.  It's my hypothetical, so he doesn't qualify.  

I predict the IRS solution for this will be to tell practitioners and taxpayers to report $1 of interest to avoid a zero-AGI return.  That's what they did with Rev Proc 2020-28, for EIP qualifiers.  But I wouldn't do it until IRS gives the OK.