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Good Afternoon JMLissau, 

Most of these have been confirmed as known issues and are to be resolved with the next update, we are expecting that update by the end of the week.

These are the issues that will be addressed:

System adds a 1099-MISC to my selection/print reports although no information entered and don't need it

Control List will not print with any information

1096 Red Copy (A) does not show "X" in the 1099-NEC box when printed

1099 Red Copy (A) - Not aligned on the left side or from the close to left and to high at top and Box 1 amount not right justified

We haven't heard of others experiencing the following: 

1096 - Must print to screen before the "FILE" copy prints

Recipient Copy - Not aligned with envelopes like 1099-MIS from last yr

You will likely need to call in to support to further troubleshoot and narrow down these issues as we have no other reports of this happening and are not able to duplicate this internally either. 

Also, the IRS did not publish a Form 1099-NEC Copy D (File Copy) for us to add to the program.

Thank you for your post in the Accountants Community!

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