Level 15

Hi, Jeff, good to hear from you.  I was thinking of you as well, especially since I hardly "saw" you here the couple weeks before I took a ride on that darn Millennium Falcon again.

I agree with you.  The creators of this new place have also dropped me some not-so-subtle hints that I should care more about my family and practice.  That's why I decided to spend a real holiday with my family and spend less time here.  Glad to hear that you are finally kicking the long-time addiction of yours that is not so healthy.  I am starting to see the effect myself too, lol.

I miss your sense of humor for sure.  Your responses as helpful as they are real and funny (there are deeper meanings than the offence some apparently take from time to time - Master Yoda will be able to say that in a more profound way than me).  No Jedi can beat you in that art!

Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.  May the farce be with you! 😊

Still an AllStar