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Client received a combined 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, and 1099-B on their SEP IRA account  -  all stock is in the SEP IRA - they are still just contributing to it and nothing has been withdrawn.

#1 - why did they even receive the 1099's? they are not large amounts but I thought it was not taxed until withdrawn -   1099-DIV      Line 1a 907.84;  Line 1b  520.89;  Line2a 278.73   

 1099-INT  21.42

1099-B    Box D Total  1985.89

#2 - If they are not taxable -

**Does the Wealth Management need to file corrected 1099's to show zero?

++Or how do you enter these amounts and where - so you do not get a letter of not reporting from the IRS or they show as taxable?

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