Mike Chaput
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No Intuit person said anything about lost refund money. Just miscalculations.

The Intuit software compelled the users to enter an amount in the field everyone is referencing.  It would not allow 0. It had a range of amounts it would take.

Any amount entered over zero is being adjusted by the IRS.

The IRS Agent I spoke with today on the Practitioner Hotline said several software companies were having trouble with this field.

This is your software. Any return with a Schedule C with an SE Tax is funneled into this field.

Listen, the VID has been a catrastro-f$%# for the IRS, the software companies and the preparers and I regret my harsh words. 

What to I enter into Schedule SE-T, Part III Line 18 for returns with a Schedule C profit? The form states if zero leave blank.  Intuit Proseries 2020 won't let you do that my friend.

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