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Ok so the IRS says we can e-file on January 28, 2021 but returns won't be summitted to the IRS until February 12, 2021. Well I have tried filing several 2020 returns and I get a message saying there are errors in the returns. I have no errors I have went through the process of reviewing the returns. There is the form 2210 that says the release date isn't till February 25th so that is the reason why I can't file any of the returns we have in here. All the returns that we are trying to file doesn't have a penalty for  underpayment of estimated taxes but the form 2210 is in the form being used. I was on the phone with intuit for 3 hours last Saturday trying to figure out why we can't e-file. The person that tried to help me couldn't figure out why the 2210 was keeping me from filing the returns. He just said I guess you will just have to wait till February 25th. This is not right when there are people out there saying they already filed with turbo tax and got a email back saying there return has been accepted by the IRS. Can someone please help????? We pay a lot for this software. Our clients are not happy that we can't efile when clearing the IRS has said we could start filing January 28th, 2021. Please help has anyone else had this issue???? 

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