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I have a couple of clients that didn't get their 8879 to me before the first of this year, thus missing the 12-31 deadline to use my 2019 Fast Path (basic).

I got a new Fast Path (pro) and have been unable to e-file.

When I go to tools/license it shows both Fast Paths.

I was told earlier this week that I needed to wait for the open filing (today). Still getting the same error:

Fast Path Required

You must have an active ProSeries Fast Path license for tax year 2020 in order to access this feature in 2021.

Please visit My Account to renew or verify your ProSeries software renewal status for tax year 2021


Please help. If I go into 2019 Pro (versus basic, where the 1040 is), it is trying to charge me PPR. I have literally spent thousands for tax software and REALLY do not want to pay more for something I already have.


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