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We've had trouble with Intuit Link since we switched our email address from an sbcglobal to a gmail. It hasn't worked since. However, one of our team has an sbcglobal email address used to log in to ProSeries desktop. Using this, I am able to invite clients to Link. When I invite a client, should I be seeing their status by logging into Intuit Link as the accountant?  They don't even show up as Invite Pending. 

I have called ProSeries support every year since our email change and they always promise to have someone call me back.  Late 2020, that was happening.  Now, no one will talk to me about this and support tries to put it on our IT person.  Our IT person says there is nothing about our computer environment that would prevent this application from working.  I asked that this issue be escalated, and I'm told it has been, but my call 2 weeks ago has gone unanswered and no follow-up.  Just venting frustration here.

We have a small company. 1 owner who uses the company email to log in to ProSeries desktop. He is also the only tax signer.  We have 2 other preparers that each use their personal email address for login credentials when we prepare. 1 with a gmail and the other with an sbcglobal. The owner and the other gmail preparer are unable to invite clients with Intuit Link. Consistent error messages for the past 3 years. The sbcglobal preparer (non-signer) is able to invite, but again, nothing shows up when we log into Link.

In this COVID environment, using this to collect data is crucial. Can anyone help me?


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