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The update went out an hour or two ago. Can you update, and then confirm you're on wPro.2020.06.something (via Help->About, Version Tab). Then try again.

Note, we fixed two issues with this update:

- ProSeries was erroneously reporting an error on some machines, when in fact it was sending the email (this was happening on my product HP laptop)

- ProSeries was not able to send email using 64 bit applications. Now there is an option in Tools->Options you can check, indicating you have. 64 bit email client as your default. If that's checked it should work.

Hopefully you are not experiencing a third issue we hadn't identified. If it appears you are, please do the following

* Choose Help->Send Logs in the ProSeries Menu.

* Email the zip it creates (ProSeriesLogs.zip, on your desktop) to proseries_engineering@intuit.com. In the email, let me know  the error message you are getting  and whether the client is getting the email. If you're not sure, create a client, add a w2, and set the email to proseries_engineering@intuit.com and send it.

(Side note, we just added that to help with troubleshooting on this community, so people don't have to hunt and find specific logs anymore)

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