Level 11
Level 11
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I did a simple test return (ProSeries Pro 2019) Single, 63, w2 wages $65000, no 401, SS $35000. The program filled out the worksheet for "SS recipients who contribute to a traditional IRA". Although the program came up with the correct answer ( $29750 ) for taxable SS the IRS instructions say this client would not use this worksheet. the instructions from pub 590-A below: As you can see this client is not covered at work, so it should not be used. Maybe @IntuitBettyJo will check further for us.

Social Security Recipients

Instead of using Table 1-2 or Table 1-3 and Worksheet 1-2, complete the worksheets in Appendix B of this publication if, for the year, all of the following apply.

  • You received social security benefits.
  • You received taxable compensation.
  • Contributions were made to your traditional IRA.
  • You or your spouse were covered by an employer retirement plan.