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Hi Lisa

I went back to Pub 3112 and see that I did read it wrong. So you are verifying that I can efile less than 11 returns through PS and keep my EFIN with IRS.  I have an agreement with my friends and family that they reimbuse my PS cost only for printing and efiling their returns. I do not charge for the actual prep of the returns.

Why not use a non-pro program, you ask:

I refuse to use and HRB products...long story.

I do not trust using cloud products.

I have not found a program that will allow me to enter data directly to the form rather than by interview or Q and A format.  Do you know of any?

I can't find stand-alone software that will efile more than 5 returns (Turbo Tax limit) their software is also input by interview....that process is too slow for me. I do between 5-10 per year.

I  have used PS Pro since 1994. I switched to PPR two years ago as I was winding down the business.

Finally I can't guarantee that other prep companies will be as diligent as I am when preparing returns. i.e.: I have a friend whose return currently has an NOL carrying forward, PV credit carrying forward and a partial home rental that requires allocation of different percentages to 4 separate forms. I fear this may be lost with a new preparer.

I appreciate any advice you send my way



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