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I have a similar situation but slightly different, and the IRS is holding up our refunds. For 2019 my husband and I filed jointly and had one dependent child R and two non-dependent children M & C. They all filed separate tax returns and were all on our insurance for parts of the year. I put the entirety of the 1095-A allocation on our taxes which resulted in an excess advance premium tax credit repayment of $1000. Because of additional credits, we wound up not paying any tax on this. None of the children submitted 8962 forms. The IRS is asking for 1095-A and 8962 forms. If I had to actually break down the allocation, my husband and I with AGI of $78,006 made up 46%, R with AGI of $10,274 made up 14%, M with AGI of $18,771 was 23% and C with AGI of $26,542 was 17%. What do I do now? R already paid the $6 she owed to the IRS. Do M & C submit forms to the IRS with all our SS#s (or just my husband's) and 0% allocation? Is this the easiest thing to do? Are we collectively losing out by not having R or M declare 100% as they had the lowest income? I am so confused.

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