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A decedent's final 2019 personal income tax return was paper filed near the end of April 2020.  To-date, no refund has been received by the Personal Representative.  A Form 1310 was prepared, signed by the Personal Representative and filed with the Return.  The State income tax refund has been received.  Who do I contact at the IRS to check on the status of the refund.  (The IRS's automatic "Where's My Refund" does not allow me to do this.)

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Level 15
Paper filed near the end of April is probably still in a mail truck somewhere, unopened.

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The most recent paper-filed return I have seen with a refund was filed April 20.  So remember, good things come to those who wait.  Also remember, if you attach a copy of the court document appointing the Personal Representative, you don't have to attach the Form 1310.  Just put the PR name on the second "name" line of the 1040, along with the PR address.