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I got a rejected e-file return that is asking for Spouse SSN and Spouse Name Control in the return must match the e-file database. Where can I get the Spouse Name Control.  Error R0000-503-02. Does any one have an answer?

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Did you check whether she uses her maiden name or the husband's last name on the social security card?  A lot of times, that's the cause of the rejection.

If everything checks out, make sure you have the correct DoB.

Your last resort would be to have her call the SSA to verify the records.  And failing which, the return will have to be filed on paper.

See also this recent discussion for reference: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-discussions/discussion/e-file-diagnostic-regarding-t...

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You want to see the actual SS Card and see what name is show on Line 2, thats what IRS considers to be the "last" name and will be used for cross matching.