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I e-filed NJ-1040 on 4/16/20 with all boxes checked to have NJ quarterly 2020 estimates made electronically from client's bank account.  Return was initially accepted, but now I continue to get the following error notice:

"When you E-File the estimate payment for New Jersey you must transmit as a separate
transaction from the state return. You must check the state est payment E-File on the
federal information worksheet to file the estimate payment. Then you do not mark the
individual return for E-File on the federal information worksheet screen. After you E-File
the estimate you can go back into the return and E-File the state return be sure to uncheck
the estimate when doing the state return."

I have gone back at least 5 times and followed these instructions to the letter, and each time the filing is initially accepted, but as soon as I log back in, I get the same error notice.  I know NJ electronic estimates are a new feature this year - anyone else have this problem?

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