Level 3

Thanks for your reply but I am not clear about the steps you are suggesting.

Besides, I find that the same thing happened today for the first time on my other laptop exclusively used by me ONLY for efile.  So it is not related to a particular laptop and may be system related coming from Pro Series.

If you feel OK, please try to update the software on your computer and see what results you get.

I must mention that I am using "Stand Alone" version of the PS Prof.

I can also confirm that when the download comes to North Dakota is when the problem starts as experienced by me on the second laptop.

The only way I get out of this is by "Install Later" option but then it takes to another weird situation stating that server is busy and try closing other apps when in fact there are no apps open.

If you don't allow the Updater to work right at the beginning to avoid this problem, then the PS software disappears and says Error 5.



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