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so... I do the workaround for all bama returns now..I uncheck file Alabama electronically on both federal page...go over to bama state program and save...then back to federal and ONLY E-file the federal return.  after it has been accepted and found it's merry home on the EF Center Accepted tab... then, and only then, do i go back and e-file the bama return.  I have done about 10 now doing this..and all worked perfectly.

… but i also know the top-secret way to resolve your problem too.  fix what has already gone wrong.. what ProSeries had me do.


1) get out of ProSeries

2) Hold down the shift key, and double click on the ProSeries 2019 Icon...when it starts loading...you can release the shift key.

3) after you enter your password... hold down the shift key and hit login....then you can release the shift key... and it does some top-secret, backroom, double naught spy homebase cleanup or something... and when it opens...you are fixed... both the Fed and Bama state returns now show up..you don't have the blank client name line...It's a miracle...lol

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