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I successfully e-filed a 2018 Form 1041 on Monday, without having applied any Updates, nor having used the Refresh Updates process. Then today, on Thursday, I received an error (reject) upon attempting to e-file a 2018 Form 1040 (one without any extenders involved).

Update Installed Products did not resolve the 2018 1040 e-file reject; using the "Refresh Updates" option instead did resolve the problem, and I was able to successfully e-file the 2018 1040.

Many thanks! (I just wish there were a discernable rhyme or reason to the the way this kind of thing gets gerry-rigged to actually work, and that Intuit ProSeries were as clear, timely, and transparent in announcing when needed functions are live and available as they seemingly are in announcing when needed functions are delayed and inactive!)

Thanks again.