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I installed proseries basic as I have done for the past ten or more years, that also gives me 4 unlimited states and have never had the problem I am having.  It asked me as in prior years, which states I might be using for 2019 returns, and I picked about 12.  The problem comes up when I go to process my first state return, they have already chosen the 4 unlimited states, by arbitrarily taking the first 4 states I checked, which is not how it has worked in all prior years.  In prior years when you processed a state return, it asked do you want to add this state as one of your 4 unlimited states, or do you want to pay for it a pay per return basis, this allowed me to select the 4 states that I used the most in 2018.  I have spent hours on the phone with technical support trying to fix this problem with no solution in sight.  I have uninstalled both Proseries Basic and Professional and reinstalled them both, and when I installed the basic, I only checked the 4 states that I wanted for unlimited processing.  I went back to the licensing section and it still shows me with the 4 states that Proseries chose for me, and that I might not even use this year.  Somebody, please help!!

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Many complaints about this earlier this month....seems like it chose the first 4 alphabetically that became available for download, does that look about right?

I think the only thing you can do is call support though, nobody here has access to your account for licensing issues, sorry.

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When calling support do not choose the technical option, choose the account option.

Uninstalling and reinstalling won't work because the first 4 alphabetical states chosen by the program were licensed during the download process.

Yes I did notice this year that PS Basic defaulted with a check box, checked, and downloaded the states during installation.  

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