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Yes - that is possible and the only explanation for now based upon a convervation I had with the proseries business technical department for which I was on hold for many hours which is another issue.  If what I have been is accurate there is a final update for 199A forms for 1041 due 2/21/2020.

What I don't like is the 1041 return acts like it is ready for filing when you put in 199A related information.

What I should see from the program is you input information into box 5 for 199A dividend information and at the top of the screen there should be some form of indication that there is a form not ready yet thus the entire return can not be e-filed until this date.

Most of the time that happens when any form is not ready but for whatever reason when inputting information into that particular specific box on the dividend/interest 1041 worksheet this message is not happening.

As of right now this issue has not been resolved and I am not convinced my question was really answered yet.  Yes there is a form not updated yet for 199A but the second question is am I supposed to be seeing a flow through of this information to the K-1 form - yes or no. 

I am assuming that this update on 2/21/2020 will fix the issue I am making an inquiry about.




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