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Hello Everyone,

Our firm just got 3 brand new computers with Win 10 installed on them and our IT guy has them setup and running.

We have had a Proseries unlimited business license for several years now.

Everything seemed to be fine with the new installs until we check the 2017 software.  Now we do not have access to the partnership or S-Corp modules.  The problem is isolated to the 2017 software only, and then only on the brand new out of the box computers.  No one else is having issues with 2017.

In the homebase view, if we select "All Tax Returns", we can see the client files there.  But if you select one from there, a message pops up saying we are not licensed and tells you to go to update tab, and download new products.  When you do, long story short, the software locks up and closes.

Anybody else had this problem or know of a solution?


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Try clicking "tools" > "license product" to see if that will allow you access to the returns.

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I had tried that and it did not work......but after 2 hours on the phone with technical support, this did, and hopefully it will help someone else:

  1. Empty out the updates folder.
    1. For a network installation, the Update folder will be located at X:\ProNet17, where X is the network drive you have Proseries installed to.
  2. Under C:\ProWin17 folder, open the inventory.dat with Notepad.
  3. In the inventory.dat file, under the heading for Components, delete all information, including the Components heading line, but do not delete the Products or any other sections.
  4. Close and Save the File.
  5. Navigate into C:\ProWin17\32bit and double click on ProSeriesUpdate.exe, and let the program update.  This forces the program to update everything you are licensed with. 

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