Level 15

Review last year's letter to client and update to get ready for tax season.

Review notes I have made during the year for clients that might need special attention - errors on prior returns to amend, possible pension planning, possible year end planning (especially with tax law changes), ...

Make new contact with clients to review their pay stubs and see how deficient their withholding is in light of this years changes.

Get ready for release of the organizer. 

Review and update the Lacerte (1) Client Letter (2) Table Editor  (3) Client Invoice. If you are charging my form now is the time to make increases as necessary and prepare a list of new forms for 2018 and (4) Prepare and review the Database reports (a) Client Summary and (b) Tax Practice Summary.

Clean up the piles created during the hectic tax season. 

Review a listing of clients that did not return. Possibly contact them to see why they left.

Beef up continuing Education hours. I have found to be very affordable (free) and offering some very good topics. Lacerte also offers some training Not the greatest, but it doesn't hurt to see if they off a new trick to make the practice more efficient. 


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