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I am unhappy with the feature - "Email invoice with eSignature" in Lacerte. (product name is intuit QuickBooks Payments)  This product- which integrates with eSignature, does not work as well as it should. It doesn't provide a quick and reliable way to verify payment status.

Small business owners need to receive fast and accurate updates of paid invoices. I really need to know if client paid or not. This product is clunky and slow to give payment status updates. DocuSign signature status is fast , but this product - intuit QuickBooks payments lags  Here are the main issues:

1) The eSignature dashboard does not give accurate and fast update of payment status. Its states that client has payment pending, even though client never opened an email or did anything remotely related to making a payment.

2) There is no confirmation that client received invoice and no timely update when payment made. I don't see any reliable tracking method for whether client got email , opened it, etc.

3) Inconsistency. Sometimes, payment status is updated immediately through an email. Other times, it takes 2-3 days.

4) Could be redundant, but the eSignature dashboard doesn't give me a clear picture of whether client actually paid or not !

Please correct these issues. The product looks great on the sales page. But, in actuality, it doesn't work as well as its presented.

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