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ProConnect Tax Online (PTO) users can now set Firm and Client level permissions for the PTO users for your firm.

  • Firm permissions allow you to control access to firm administration functions.
  • Client permissions provide the ability restrict access to certain clients per user in your firm.

To invite or edit firm user and set permissions:

  1. Click Settings in the lower-left corner.
  2. From that menu, click Manage and Invite Users.
      User-added image
  3. Click Add User in the upper right corner or select a current employee to edit.
  4. For a New User, enter first/last name and email address
  5. Choose Access Level -- Basic or Full.
  6. Click Next.
  7. This is the Client Access screen.  Select the clients that the user will have access to.
  8. Click Save. This will sent the invite to the new user.
  9. For an existing user, click on the name.
  10. From the first screen choose the Client Access level.  This will be the access for your PTO firm administration and for your free QBOA company file.  (A free QBOA file is available for all PTO customers. To access, go to and use your PTO account to login)
  11. Once the Access role is selected at the bottom, choose Client Access tab at the top.
  12. Specify which clients your employee should have access by adding/removing the check-mark for each client to add/remove access for the team member.
    User-added image
  13. Click Save.
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