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Before you start:

  • This article references default installation paths and uses YY to reference the tax year in 20YY format.  C: will always indicate the local drive and X: will always indicate the network drive.
  • If you used mapped drives in prior years, you should continue to use the same mapped drive with the new version of ProSeries.
  • For assistance with mapping network drives, review information on the  Microsoft support site.
  • ProSeries Professional Edition supports two types of network installation, choose the instructions below that best describes your office setup:
    • Peer-to-peer network installation is used when one computer in the office will act as both a user workstation and will store the shared ProSeries files locally.
    • Client-server network installation is used when a server or separate computer will serve only as file storage and all workstations connect to the network to gain access to the shared ProSeries files.
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